Chances are your business places a large emphasis on customer service to your patrons. However, it is often easy to forget that even after your customers are gone, you still need to manage your reputation.

Today’s online environment is more interactive than ever before. With a plethora of opportunities to make their voices heard, customers are reaching out to businesses of all kinds to make their voices heard. This practice is especially prevalent within the travel industry.

If customer service is important to your business, you should have someone monitoring at least the following review sites:

These 5 sites are just a handful of the possible places current and past customers will voice their opinions and future customers will go to get a sense of other customer’s experiences. If these sites are left unchecked, the reputation of your business is at stake. Ideally, you would hope that all reviews written are positive. That being said, a negative review isn’t the end of the world if handled appropriately. If you have someone on staff that is properly trained to read customer comments on a regular basis you can ensure your business is putting its best foot forward online.

Customer interaction is incredibly important with Web 2.0. Ensure your business is ready to communicate properly with past, present & future customers. When discussing the online strategy for your travel-related business make sure you consult with a web designer that is ready to incorporate interactive facets into the design. Furthermore, consulting with an online marketing company can guarantee your business maintains a glowing reputation online.


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