Travel Marketers pay attention, Condé Nast Traveler has made it's Travel Predictions for 2014. Will you be able to leverage some of these trends? Here are a few that we found interesting.

  1. Airfare wars will cause ticket prices to go down within the US. Woot!
  2. Culinary-inspired travel plans. Foodies rejoice.
  3. European River Cruising.  This was one of the trends we were not familiar with, but sounds really interesting.
  4. Travelers will continue to use services such as Airbnb choosing to stay in homes instead of hotels.
  5. The use of photo sharing sites (read this as Instagram) as an advertising and communication platform with guests. We love what the Stockholm Airport did with this platform.
  6. Hotels will rent you office space.
  7. Visually designed Itineraries. We've been keeping an eye on this space and they mention a few of the players in the article: Peek and Mygola.  Visuals have always been important in Tourism Marketing, add utility and you've got something special.

One trend that wasn't specifically mentioned, although encompassed in the visual itinerary trend is the continued and evolving use of maps. Look for innovative uses of the new google maps and maps as a foundation for interactive storytelling. See what the Chrome team did for The Hobbit site or some of the stories on Maptia as examples. 

All 14 travel trends and the complete article can be found on the CNT site.


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